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He Found A Newborn Baby On The Street. When He Understands Who It Is The Family’s Life Changed Forever.

This is the unbelievable story about the little boy Moises in Paraiba, Brazil. His mother kept her pregnancy a secret after she and her boyfriend splitted up. She gave birth to her son in her own bathroom, but right after that she abandoned her newborn in the middle of the street by a lamppost. Everything was recorded by a surveillance camera.

Here, the mother walks across the street with her newborn baby in her arms, according to The Mirror.

Photo: Globo.

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She leaves him by a lamppost. He’s completely naked, only covered in a blanket with his umbilical cord still attached.

Photo: Globo.

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But half an hour later something incredible happens. The newborn boy is found by his grandpa. But when he finds him he doesn’t know that it’s his own grandchild.

Photo: Globo.

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The grandpa picks him up and brings him home.

Photo: Globo.

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The authorities are taken care of the little boy and names him Moises.

Photo: Globo.

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Moises dad didn’t know that his former girlfriend had given birth to a baby. He thought she went through a miscarriage four months earlier. But when he sees the surveillance footage he recognize her and understand that he’s the father of the child. And it occurs, Moises was given the same name as his father, who’s name is Moises Pereira Teixeira.

Photo: Globo.

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The dad talks about how emotional it was for him to find out that his son, whom he didn’t know existed, was fine.
– Thank God for the support from my family, my mother, my grandpa and also my new girlfriend. To find out that my son, who I didn’t know existed, was safe after being abandoned after birth was very emotional, he told The Mirror.
– And to find out that he was named after me by coincidence was even more emotional.

Now he hopes that he gets the custody of his son.

The boy’s mother was sent to a mental investigation and will be prosecuted.

Photo: Globo.

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Unbelievable, how lucky it was that the little boy was found, and by his own grandpa. I mean, what are the odds? I get so happy by these kinds of stories with a happy ending.

Down below you can watch the video from the surveillance camera: