He Gives His Girlfriend The Valentine’s Day Gift Of The Year.

We usually say it’s the thought that counts. But maybe it’s not so appreciated to give away a drawing when you are an adult. But you can always do like this if you don’t have money. Or if you have all the money in the world. Anyway, I think this could be the Valentine´s Day gift of the year. I hope I get one.    

The boyfriend who did this has not revealed his name, but he started with a empty box.


Then he started to write notes.


What will he do with them? Well, apparently he is the most romantic boyfriend in the world. So he writes 365 notes. One that the girlfriend can open every morning.


He uses different categories. Memories, quotes and reasons why he loves her.


That way she can choose every morning what she wants to read.


The result is fantastic.

The photos are from Imgur.


What a Valentine’s Day gift! Maybe you can even give it to someone you like that isn’t you girlfriend or boyfriend.

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