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Her Daughters Were Rolling Towards A Cliff With The Car. But Then The Mom Did Something Unthinkable.

In this video daughters Annie and Chloe tell the story on how they lived in a happy home full of love and laughter – with a Mother that loved them more than this world. But one day everything changed.

This is Annie (left), 11, and Chloe, 13.

1. Det här är Chloe och Annie.

They wanted to celebrate their mom on Mother’s Day by recording a video that tells the story about her.

2. De ville berätta en historia om deras mamma.

A story that contains both happiness and tears. Annie, Chloe, and their little brother had everything. A happy home full of laughter and love. But when Annie was five and Chloe seven, everything changed.

3. Men en olycka 1999 förändrade ALLT.

One day, when the family went on vacation they rented a cabin. Their parents and grandparents got out of the car to sign paperwork. The kids stayed in the car.

4. föräldrarna gick 4. ut för bilen för att signa papper för dörren.

By some reason, the car knocked out of gear and started rolling towards the cliff. Their mom panicked. She did the unthinkable and ran in front of the SUV to stop it.

6. hon sprang in framför för att stoppa bilen.

They remember the look on her face right before she went under the car. And they remember the bump as the car ran over her body.

7. och vi kommer kände stöten när bilen körde över hennes kropp.

But that bump saved their lives. The car slowed down and Grandpa ran to the car and pulled the emergency break.

8. den stöten räddade våra liv.

Miraculously their mom survived. But she broke her back and was paralyzed from the waist down.

Skärmavbild 2015-05-27 kl. 14.29.49

But she says she wouldn’t change it for the world…


Pictures: Youtube.

In the video, Chloe and Annie “says” that their mom’s injury from the accident hasn’t changed anything. She is wheelchair bound, but she is there for them all the time and give them support and comfort. They end with the words: “Yes, she saved our lives in the accident in 1999. But she saves them over and over again, each and every day.”

Down below, you can watch the video they did to her on Mother’s Day. It has touched millions of people’s hearts, and my eyes were filled with tears when I watched it. I hope you appreciate it as well.

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