Here’s Why You Should Keep Some Things OFF Social Media. This Woman Learnt That Lesson Quite Fast.

Here’s Why You Should Keep Some Things OFF Social Media. This Woman Learnt That Lesson Quite Fast.

Social media and Facebook can be really great for some purposes. Bragging about getting away with not paying for your new bed is not one of them. That’s what this woman from Denmark discovered when she did exactly that. Her story ends in a way she didn’t quite expect when — you guessed it — the furniture store ultimately discovered her post online. As they say: “You’ve made your bed, now lie in it.” Every pun intended 🙂

Here’s how it all went down for the woman, who probably should have kept her mouth shut (or better yet, just paid for her bed).

Ingenting er gratis – heller ikke hos IDEmøbler. Pas på, hvad du deler på de sociale medier

Posted by BT on den 1 oktober 2015

Loosely translated:

“I bought an Excellent Customer bed that wasn’t in stock, so I was told they would deliver it when it arrived. I was informed I would pay the man who delivered it home to me. It came as agreed, but he just forgot to charge before he went away. I heard nothing afterward from him, so I can not complain about IDEmøbler (name of the furniture store).

Comments from friends:
“I just hope IDEmøbler doesn’t discover the error.”
“Sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut.”

“Yes, but I don’t really feel like I have to… It’s been up to them to pick up their money for many, many months, and since I haven’t heard anything, I’m led to believe that it wasn’t so important to them, oddly enough.”

“Yah, technically, it’s not theft.”

“Exactly, and I don’t have a bad conscience. I put the money toward a holiday with my boyfriend, which was just awesome! So I’m really grateful.”

“Hello. I hope that you are enjoying your bed, which we forgot to charge you for. Nice to hear that you had nice holidays too. I found your name, your address, and your e-mail on your Facebook profile. So we’ll send you a bill. Regards Sarah/IDEmøbler.”

“Hahahaaa, karma strikes again”.

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