His House Was Ruined By A Common Household Item. Now He’s Warning Others.

Smoke alarms are meant to at least save us when a house catches fire. And hopefully, they also give us enough time to extinguish a fire before it spreads throughout the entire house. But for Dave, it was actually a smoke alarm itself that caused the fire—or rather, the battery in a smoke alarm.

Now he has an important message to tell—and one that could save your life in the future.

Imagine your house was engulfed in flames and completely destroyed by fire.

For a guy named Dave in Colorado, this nightmare became a reality a few years ago. And the cause of that devastating fire is shocking to me and surely many others.

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Shortly before the fire, Dave had changed the 9-volt batteries in his house’s smoke alarms. He put the old batteries in a recycling bag and set it in his garage. Then a couple weeks later, he set a box on top of the bag and the devastating fire happened soon after.

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A 9-volt battery can destroy an entire house. The reason is their fatal flaw. The batteries’ positive and negative poles are very close together. All that’s required for a disaster to happen is for the 9-volt battery to come into contact with conductive metal.

But there’s a trick you can do to prevent the poles from coming into contact with anything flammable. Dave suggests putting a piece of electrical tape over the poles before you throw away a battery. This will protect them from coming into contact with anything dangerous.

The National Fire Protection Association recommends against tossing batteries in the same trash can as metals. When a battery short circuits, it becomes hot and may catch other things in the trash on fire.

Watch the video below and learn how to avoid what happened to Dave.

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