Ikea’s Christmas gift to staff: Employees get a total $118 million bonus

Ikea is determined to take care of its loyal employees.

To thank their employees for their loyalty, the furniture giant is giving them a bonus of hundreds of dollars.

This year, USD $118 million will be shared amongst Ikea employees worldwide.

“Our colleagues are incredibly important to us. The bonus is a way of thanking our colleagues for their loyalty, and it feels good to be able to share something with them in this way,”  Karin Bergman, spokesperson for Ikea, said in a press statement.

Ikea is known for giving out generous bonuses to its employees. Last year, employees shared a sum of USD $250 million. It was estimated that around 155 000 people were employed by the company at the time.

This year is no exception. Once again, the Swedish giant is paying out hundreds of dollars to its employees. The bonus is a part of the company’s loyalty program ‘Thanks!’, that was brought into effect in 2013 to reward all its employees’ loyalty and hard work.



Part-time workers will receive a sum proportional to the number of hours they have worked. To be qualified for the scheme, employees need to have worked for Ikea for 5 years.

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