Indonesian Mom Gives Birth To Record-Breaking 19-Pound Baby.

In September 2009, a woman on the island of Sumatra set an Indonesian record—she gave birth to the biggest baby the country had ever seen. And at almost 20 pounds, baby Akbar was as big as many one-year-olds. Akbar, whose name means “great” in Arabic, arrived in this world at a whopping 19.2 pounds and nearly 24 inches long. But he wasn’t his mother’s only heavy baby. Her other two sons were also big boys. One weighed 11.6 pounds at birth and the other, 9.9 pounds. Akbar’s mother, Ani, is diabetic, and had excess glucose in her system during pregnancy, which led to her son’s high birth weight. And it also meant that Akbar had to be delivered via a difficult cesarian section, which lasted a longer than expected 40 minutes. Thankfully, though, both mother and son left the hospital in good health, so Ani was able to care for her boy just like any other mother would. Well, except for the fact that Akbar’s appetite might have required a little more milk. And the boy’s appetite even weighed on his father’s mind, who said, “I hope I can afford to feed the baby enough, because he needs more milk than other babies.” Meet Akbar below!

At first glance, this maternity ward looks like any other. But look closer and the one in white seems a bit bigger than the others.

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In 2009, Ani, from Indonesian, gave birth to one of the largest babies in history, Akbar. The newborn weighed in at 19.2 pounds…

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Which means Akbar was almost as heavy as some one-year-olds.

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Mom was in good spirits when she found out both she and her baby were given a clean bill of health.

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See record-breaking baby Akbar in action below!

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