Inside Rosalynn Carter’s final days with Jimmy Carter – “still holding hands”

This past Sunday, news of the passing of former First Lady of the United States, Rosalynn Carter, devastated many.

The fervent advocate for mental health, women’s rights, and caregiving matters died at the age of 96.

In an official statement from The Carter Center, it was revealed that Rosalynn peacefully passed away at her home in Plains, Georgia, at 2:10 pm. Surrounded by her loving family, including her husband, former President Jimmy Carter, aged 99, she bid farewell.

The former matriarch’s death follows reports of her deteriorating health, with The Carter Center disclosing earlier this year that Rosalynn was grappling with dementia, a condition she had faced with resilience.

Rosalynn Carter, Jimmy Carter
Credit / Scott Cunningham / Getty.

Rosalynn, a survivor of a nonmalignant lump removal surgery in 1977, had been an unwavering force in advocating for improved mental health access, as well as campaigning for greater recognition of the crucial role of caregivers.

In September, Rosalynn and Jimmy made a rare public appearance at their hometown’s Peanut Festival, displaying their enduring love. Not long afterward, it was announced by The Carter Center via X (formerly Twitter) that she had entered home hospice care, and that the family were asking for privacy at this time.

Even as both Rosalynn and Jimmy were under home hospice care, their grandson, Jason Carter, shared insights into their loving relationship. Despite approaching the end, Jason said: “They’re in love, and I don’t think anyone gets more than that. I mean, it’s a perfect situation for this time in their lives.”

In their final days, their romance kept them going and enabled them to do their best to make the most of their time together. “They are still here, they are still holding hands and still very much together…It’s clear we’re in the final chapter,” Jason added.

Credit / Yvonne Hemsey / Liaison Agency / Getty.

Acknowledging the changes in their lives, particularly the shift from a lively atmosphere to a quieter home, Jason said that Rosalynn and Jimmy remained cognizant and present.

Despite her battle with dementia, Rosalynn was still able to make new memories with her loved ones, and even spoke about how getting a good night’s sleep would help her with her symptoms.

As the world mourns the loss of this esteemed former First Lady, there is some comfort in knowing that Rosalynn Carter’s last moments were spent surrounded by her loving family.


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