Jon Bon Jovi washes dishes at his community restaurant amid COVID-19 quarantine

Music legend Jon Bon Jovi has proven that his heart is just as huge as the vast catalog of songs we all know and love him for.

His opening of two community restaurants near his New Jersey home ensured that many needy people were able to not only enjoy a healthy meal but also the chance to sit around a table and connect.

His three JBJ Soul Kitchen Community Restaurants provide a lifeline for people struggling to feed themselves and now, more than ever, these services are crucial.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic restaurants all over the world are closing their doors to help limit the spread of this potentially deadly virus but are still offering take out.

The number of people who are allowed to gather in one place is also restricted forcing businesses to work with fewer staff.

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If you can't do what you do… do what you can.

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Jon Bon Jovi showed that he isn’t afraid to do his bit during these troubled times when he was caught on camera doing the dishes at his restaurant in Red Bank, New Jersey, with the poignant message: “If you can’t do what you do, do what you can.”

The image, posted on his Instagram page, featured alongside a member of staff handing out a brown bag of food to a customer and another two members of staff in the kitchen. Almost 100,000 people have reacted to the image so far.

Prior to the global pandemic the nonprofit community restaurants, run by the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, didn’t charge for meals rather ask for a donation from those that can afford to pay to subsidize the cost of meals for people who can’t.

Customers also had the option of working in exchange for a meal at the restaurants, located in three locations across New Jersey.

On the restaurant’s website it said amid the COVID-19 pandemic they would only be serving take-out for “our in need community only.”

The website added: “Due to food demand, the menu will be limited. If you or your family are struggling for food, we are a resource for you.”

What a shining example this celebrity is; it’s good to know that despite these uncertain times there are so many compassionate people in the world.

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