Kate Middleton recalls ‘nerve-wracking’ hospital visits with Prince George and his siblings

Prince George and his siblings have surely begun the countdown until Christmas, when they will spend several days with their family and will most likely get numerous Christmas gifts. 

However, the royal children have also taken on some royal duties, as they visited a “baby bank” with their mother, Princess Kate, to help organize presents for families facing poverty this Christmas, walking in their late grandma, Princess Diana’s, footsteps.

Meanwhile, Kate has some more engagements to attend to before Christmas, and on Tuesday, she visited the Evelina London Children’s Hospital. When meeting children, the Princess of Wales spoke about her children – revealing some “nerve-wracking” visits to the hospital with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

For the third year in a row, Princess Kate hosted the exceptional Carol service at Westminster Abbey on December 8, which then will air on TV on Christmas Eve.

This year, “the service will be a moment to thank all those who work to support babies, young children, and families in our communities across the UK and a celebration of the golden opportunity that the birth of a new baby brings,” the Palace announced.

Princess Kate played the piano for the carol service two years ago. And according to PR expert Andrew Bloch, the fact that the Princess of Wales is hosting the festive Carol service makes her even more popular and positions her as a future queen.

Prince George attend Kate’s Christmas carol service with his siblings

“What Kate has done brilliantly is elevating her status and position within the broader royal family brand. Having a slot on Christmas Eve, it’s evidence of her appeal,” he told Mirror.

The “Together at Christmas” carol service event at Westminster Abbey went exceptionally well, and of course, George, Charlotte, and Louis were all there, together with their parents, the Prince and Princess of Wales.

They were able to see singers Beverley Knight and Adam Lambert perform. But also, the royal children showed their emphatic side during the night. In a special card box, as reported by the Mirror, George, Charlotte, and Louis posted special Christmas cards on which they had written messages to children who might be struggling with Christmas.

The royal children were all dressed immaculately and looked rather grown-up. But there was one thing fans couldn’t help but comment on.

George is growing up very fast – and he has become very tall.

“I know perspective distorts but isn’t George getting tall!” one person wrote, as reported by the Daily Star.

Prince George, Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte, Prince Willam, Kate Middleton
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Another added, “How fast Prince George is growing!”

“Prince George is so tall, Princess Charlotte’s hair is so long, and I can’t believe Prince Louis is only 5 years old,” a third stated.

Prince George goes viral with Charlotte gesture

While attending the carol service, Prince George went viral online for a beautiful gesture towards his sister, Princess Charlotte.

The young future king was seen waiting for his sister to climb into the car outside their mother’s festive carol service. Even though he arrived at the car first, he ensured Charlotte got in first. The clip went viral on TikTok, viewed more than 700 times, as reported by Newsweek.

Fans praised the young prince for his lovely gesture towards his sister.

“He is all gentleman,” one fan wrote.

However, others thought George had a cunning plan instead.

“That’s not a gentleman that’s sentencing his sister to the worst seat of the car,” one user claimed.

Another added, “Every siblings do this so that they can sit next to the window.”

George, Charlotte, and Louis live more exposed lives than their classmates. They already have been on royal duty several times, and George, as the future king, even had a prominent role at his grandfather’s coronation in May.

Prince George
Samir Hussein/WireImage

Waving to thousands of royal fans from the Buckingham Palace balcony or traveling in a carriage through the streets of London might sound like the dream life for any child.

Kate and William “concerned” about overexposuring George

However, Prince William and Kate are concerned that their childhood isn’t as good as it could be because of the exposure.

According to royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams, the Prince and Princess of Wales have one major fear.

“[Kate and William] are wisely concerned at any overexposure of him [George] and of Charlotte and Louis,” he told Express.

“The younger they are, the more likely they are to steal the show with childish antics which get publicized worldwide and make the monarchy seem more relatable,” he said. Mr Fitzwilliams added that George is a particular focus of attention due to him being second-in-line to the throne.”

“Whether as Page of Honour at the Coronation or blowing bubbles on a visit to Canada, whatever he does as he is the future king is of interest. We are fed titbits, that George enjoys dancing, plays tennis or likes a pizza, and we get regular photographs of him on special occasions and see him at certain royal events,” Fitzwilliams concluded, adding that William and Kate “are well aware of the need for him and his siblings to have privacy as they grow up.”

Prince George
Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

While their parents reportedly are concerned that George and his siblings are going to me in public too much as children, some royal duties they attend are more important than others. One example was shown some weeks ago when Kate brought her children to a project helping families facing poverty this Christmas in Holyport near Maidenhead.

Royals volunteer to give Christmas presnts to children

The royal children volunteered at a “baby bank,” which aims to support families with young children. George, Charlotte, and Louis helped pick out toys to be given as presents.

According to the Child Poverty Action Group, 4.2 million children live in poverty in the UK – a majority of those live in working families.

A video that Kensington Palace posted said “a quarter of families with a child under five” in the UK are living in poverty.

“There’s lots of people who give up their time and come and help out – and you’re the volunteers for this evening,” Kate told her children.

As reported by the BBC, the baby bank’s co-founder Rebecca Mistry told them: “What we would like you to do, is try and choose some presents for some children who are a similar age to you guys.”

Prince George, Prince Charlotte, and Prince Louis were volunteers helping about 1,600 children with gifts, which included toys, clothing, and chocolate for Christmas.

Prince George, Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte, Kate Middleton

It sure looks like something we had seen before, as Princess Diana brought Prince Harry and Prince William when they were young to help at charities for homeless people. That has undoubtedly affected William’s approach and dedication to fighting homelessness, as he began his five-year plan to end it earlier this year.

“Some of us need to do a bit more”

At the time, he spoke about George, Charlotte, and Louis and how he tried to make them aware that they were very privileged.

“When I left this morning, one of the things I was thinking was, ‘When is the right time to bring George or Charlotte or Louis to a homeless organization?’ I think when I can balance it with their schooling, they will definitely be exposed to it,” he told The Times.

“On the school run, we talk about what we see. When we were in London, driving backwards and forwards, we regularly used to see people sitting outside supermarkets, and we’d talk about it.”

Prince William added: “I’d say to the children, ‘Why are they there? What’s going on?’ I think it’s in all our interests, it’s the right thing to do, to expose the children, at the right stage, in the right dialogue, so they have an understanding. They [will] grow up knowing that actually, do you know what, some of us are very fortunate, some of us need a little bit of a helping hand, some of us need to do a bit more where we can to help others improve their lives.”

Kate Middleton
Charlotte Graham-WPA Pool/Getty Images

While Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis did a great job volunteering, their mother had many other royal duties. Kate has always had children close to her heart regarding royal engagements. Days ago, she visited the Evelina London Children’s Hospital, where she met with fellow parents to discuss stress.

Kate has been the patron of the medical center, caring for children with rare conditions, since 2018. Now, she got the pleasure of opening their new Children’s Day Surgery Unit.

Kate recalls “nerve-wracking” visits to hospital with George

The Princess of Wales got to take a tour designed to replicate a day in a child’s life staying there on the day of surgery. When speaking with one family who was in pre-op, Kate revealed personal details about how she felt when she brought her own children to the hospital, saying it was not pleasant at all.

“It’s always nerve-wracking as a parent. I’ve taken mine into hospital for different things. You’re always at least worried, but you’ve got a great team [here],” Princess Kate said, according to Hello! Magazine.

“It’s always a worry, though, for a parent. We have to keep our cool. It’s so hard,” she added.

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