Kevin Bacon wed Kyra Sedgwick 34 years ago, now they live on farm without kids – inside their peaceful home

These days marriages between actors in Hollywood seldom last over a year much less several decades. But Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick are the exceptions to the norm.

At this point, the pair has been married for over 30 years and are still as in love with one another as they were when they met. Here’s a look at their beautiful life together.

The first time Kyra saw Kevin, she was just 12 years old. Kevin was 7 years older than her at the time. Kyra had gone to see a movie starring Bacon with her brother, and after the movie met the actor in the flesh.

Almost a decade later, the two crossed paths again on the set of “Lemon Sky,” where Kyra Sedgwick recalls she did not think Bacon was her type at all.

“He definitely wasn’t my type. In fact, I vividly remember looking at his butt when he walked away after we first met and thinking, Well, I guess some girls like that,” Kyra admitted to Wide Open Country.

But it seems like something changed her mind because the next year in 1988, the two married. They had a ceremony in Connecticut with a reception for 300 people at the Manhattan club Au Bar. Kevin and Kyra, who got engaged on Christmas Eve in 1987, only invited friends and family to their reception.

Shortly after the wedding, they welcomed their first child Travis Sedgwick Bacon. Their other child, Sosie Ruth, was born in 1992.

Sosie follows in the steps of her parents and has starred as Skye Miller in the Netflix teenage drama” 13 Reasons Why”. Travis makes a living as a solo musician and has written the music for his parents’ movie “Story of a Girl.”

With 34 years of togetherness under their belt, the couple often gets asked about the secret to their long relationship. Kevin Bacon once answered this question and said in a 2015 interview published in Entertainment Weekly. : “Whatever you do, don’t listen to celebrities on advice on how to stay married.”

The reason they have famously been together for so long according to them is that they are not competitive with one another, instead supporting each other wholeheartedly.

When the issue of their children leaving the home came about, Kyra felt a little overwhelmed. She said about her empty nest, It’s weird, and it’s hard. I’m grateful to have adult children now, but I think initially, it’s like, ‘Wait, what are you talking about? I birthed you, and I took care of you your whole life, and now you’re leaving me!’ It felt wrong.”

But to combat the feeling of an empty nest, the couple settled into their farm in Connecticut. Bacon bought the farm on a whim in 1983, and now that the couple is on their own, they are really coming to enjoy the property. He recalls, “I came for a weekend from the city in 1983 and fell in love with Connecticut, bought the farm, and it’s been an important place for our family since then.”

It took Sedgwick some convincing to spend more time in Connecticut, but once the couple started doing it, they never looked back. The farmhouse itself is absolutely adorable and right out of a storybook. It has a white facade with a black tiled roof. The garden hosts red lawn chairs where the couple enjoys sunny days.

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They have a porch lined with wooden slats where they spend time together as a family. The farm has many spaces where you can lounge and relax. The gardens on either side of the porch are beautiful and lush.

The inside of the farmhouse is also warm and inviting. The couple often post videos and pictures of them in their beloved farmhouse. The living room is warm and inviting. It is fitted with an ornate black fireplace and a painting of a beach scene hangs above it. There is a big rug on the floor, which can be seen in a video Bacon once posted of the couple dancing.

The kitchen has a large tiled floor with granite countertops. The cabinets are white with a silver finish. The stovetop is accompanied by a generous kitchen island.

The home has a beautiful front door as well. The french doors lead up straight from the porch and overlook a beautiful garden. The doors are painted white and stand out against all the green and hardwood floors very beautifully.

The property also hosts a red barn which houses a lot of animals for the couple. Sometimes the couple even sings to the goats that live inside the barn, complete with musical instruments.

The couple also has a swimming pool and a mini orchard on the farm, which adds to its charm. The swimming pool is decorated with a rock that also serves as a diving board. The orchard’s fence begins right behind the swimming pool.

The couple is completely comfortable living their simple farm life. They even revealed how Kevin has a red jeep that he drives around the property to overlook different aspects of it.

Apart from the goats on their property, the couple also has alpacas housed in the barns on their land. The couple however has a special place in their hearts for goats. Once on an anniversary, Bacon gifted his wife two goats who she lovingly named Macon and Louie.

Their farm also has horses that the couple enjoys riding together. They ride their horses together to survey their property as well when they aren’t using their red jeep. They clearly enjoy their horses because Bacon posted a picture of his wife and him riding their horses captioned, “just us four.”

Now that the couple’s children have left to make their own homes, they are enjoying time with one another and their animals. They spend time and give affection to their animals. One post by Sedgwick showed her and Bacon, playing a ukelele and a guitar to their animals.

They do tiny concerts for their goats and other animals to keep both the animals and themselves entertained. The couple has named all of their animals. Some of their goats are named Louie, Macon, Hocus, and Little Man.

The actor revealed that the animals cheer him up when he needs it most. On his TikTok account, he posted a video saying, “I don’t know about you, but when I feel down, I like to spend time with my animals. They must’ve known…even Louie wanted some love tonight.”

Louie is their most fiercely independent goat, who never wants attention from them but Bacon believed that the goat knew he was having a bad day and wanted to cheer him up.

The couple really does live a sweet life on their farm, right out of a storybook! What a lovely couple they make.

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