Man threatened to throw the baby from 15th floor – if he didn’t get 1,000 likes on Facebook

I like to think that I try to stay reasonable – but realistic – when it comes to social media. In other words, I recognize how it has become an intricate part of so many of our daily lives – at the same time, I try to find balance between the online world, and the real world.

Sadly, a story has emerged about a man who has utterly and horribly truly lost his way. The story is as shocking as it is upsetting: the man posted photos on Facebook of him dangling a baby from a 15th story building, threatening to ‘let go’ if his post didn’t get 1,000 likes.

His motive was as simple: to gain a high number of views and likes on Facebook.

This horrendous story is out of Algeria, North Africa, where it was reported that the man has since been sentenced to jail for the terrible crime.

Several people who saw the picture on Facebook immediately contacted the police. As it turns out the baby was not in fact his, but his cousin’s.

While shaky and understandably terrified, the baby was thankfully otherwise unharmed during the incident.

The man has now been convicted of two years imprisonment for putting the baby’s life in danger. He did claim that the image was fake and the baby never was in danger, but the court rejected his defence.

What has the world gotten to? I was utterly shocked and disgusted when I came across this story. Please share this story as an important reminder to everyone to never, ever let social media get the better of us!

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