Military Wife Flips Out On The Ellen Show

During a 2015 episode of “The Ellen Show,” Ellen got a special call from a soldier named Chris. His wife was in the audience, and Chris asked Ellen to surprise her. And surprise her, she did! In fact, I can’t remember ever seeing any of Ellen’s guests respond to Ellen’s surprises as strongly as Mary did. After celebrating nine wedding anniversaries together, Chris and Mary were forced to be apart on their 10th one. Chris had to be in Missouri for military training, and Mary’s old car could no longer make the 6-hour drive to visit him. As Mary explained the situation to Ellen, I couldn’t help but notice that the talk show host didn’t look as empathetic as usual. But it was all a set up. When Ellen casually mentioned Mary’s new Ford Escape, the military wife gave her a funny look, as if to say, “What?” But when a curtain pulled back and Mary saw a brand new SUV, it sunk in and she couldn’t stop screaming. I won’t spoil the rest, but I have to say, it only gets better from there—like at the 3:37 mark, when Mary is loses it to the extent that her microphone comes off of her sweater. Watch Mary’s priceless reaction below!

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