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Mom Issues Warning After Her Daughter Is Followed Around Department Store.

Amanda Kalidy and her daughter, Jenna, were running a routine errand when things took an scary turn. A young girl approached Jenna at an Target department store and offered her some gum. At first, Amanda brushed it off, but when the girl persisted, Amanda soon realized that the little girl’s simple offer was far more sinister than it seemed.

Amanda recently shared her harrowing story on Facebook, and it’s gone viral. She wrote:

“Ok…I have to post this as a reminder to all moms. I was at Target on 2nd St when a girl about 9 yrs old kept approaching my daughter… I didn’t think much at first. She was pretty persistent so i got irritated and told her my daughter didn’t want any candy and we kept walking. She got upset with me and i went to check out she came up again trying to get jenna to take some gum. I looked over and a man was across the store signaling her. I told the cashier and he called the manager, which then they both bolted and got into a van.”

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Amanda was terrified, but she also wanted to educate other moms about the situation so are ready should they find themselves in a similar situation. Amanda continued:

“If i had known what what was happening at the time, i could have grabbed the girl and saved her! Point being they wanted to take my daughter!!!!!! She’s 4!!!! The manager told me they target Target because moms during the day with their kids, and many times moms turn their backs when loading the car and they can grab them from shopping carts. PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND ALWAYS WATCH YOUR KIDS!! ITS REAL AND IN EDMOND!!”

Fortunately, Amanda and her daughter were unharmed. Still, kidnapping and human trafficking are an enormous problem in our cities and around the world. Watch Amanda’s full story, including a message from law enforcement, in the video below.

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Please share Amanda’s message with the parents in your life so that they can keep their family protected, as well!

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