Mom sets up camera for grandma – but look when dad steals the show

Wondering what your kids are up to when you’re not around is something most parents do.

And for some mothers, it might be hard to let go and allow their husbands to be in charge when it comes to their most loved ones. Cause mommy always knows best, right?

But for Rugeana and her husband, sharing the responsibilities of parenting is an easy task. Dad is always offering to watch the kids and getting up for late-night diaper changes — without a complaint.

Even though she knows he’s doing a good job, like most wives, she’s curious about what he does with the kids when she’s not home…

But she had no idea that it was ultimately a nanny cam that would answer the question for her…

kids dancing

It started when Rugeana put a camera up so that grandma could see the girls play. With grandma living hundreds of miles away, it seemed like a great idea to keep her involved even when she wasn’t visiting.

But when Rugeana realized she had forgotten to turn the camera off, it turned out she was in for a real surprise.


She expected to see her two young daughters playing in the living room, but she was in for a heartwarming treat… when dad suddenly enters the room.

First she sees her husband walking in with a laundry basket, while their oldest daughter is dancing along to a pop song.

But, instead of continuing through the room to put away the laundry, dad spontaneously decides to join in. And puts on quite the show!


Much to his daughter’s great joy, dad really gets into the dancing, showing off some serious dance moves.

You can see that this dad really knows how to have a fun time with his kids — and it’s hard to tell if it’s him or them that’s enjoying it the most.

As it turns out, his unsuspected dance moves impressed more than just his kids — with more than one million views, the video has gone viral. This groovy dad has really won people’s hearts all over the world!


Indeed this beautiful moment between father and daughters shows parenting is more than just teaching life lessons. It’s also about having fun and enjoying time with your kids.

Even though some people have compared his dance skills to that of a goat having a seizure, you can see that this dad throws his heart into this silly and wonderful moment — which makes him an awesome dad in my book!


Check out the video below to see dad doing his dance off; hopefully this family will have a lot more dancing to come!

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