Mom Surprises Beloved Day Care Worker With A New Car.

One Sunday, while Brittney Nichols was driving near her home in Benton, Louisiana, she noticed her daughter’s day care teacher walking to church. But the thing is, in Benton, it’s almost impossible to get anywhere without a car. So without hesitation, Nichols decided to do something about it.

Brittney Nichol’s 2-year-old daughter was born prematurely and requires extra care and attention. But the Louisiana mother is comfortable leaving her little girl at Benton Preschool and Childcare because one day care worker in particular, Christy Owens, has a way with her daughter.

“Every single morning when I drop my daughter off, Christy is full of joy,” Nichols explained. “Christy is always so amazingly happy and kind. She treats the children as if they are her own. They all love her, as do we the parents.”

So when Nichols saw Owens walking that day in her Sunday dress with her Bible tucked under her arm, she had to do something.

She called up the day care center and found out that Owens didn’t have a car. And while Nichols wanted to help, she didn’t have the means. But she did have faith. And she had a feeling that the community would come together for the beloved day care worker.

Nichols began collecting donations around town, and within a few weeks, she was able to purchase a used Chevy Cavalier, driving lessons, and insurance. And when everything was in place, the appreciative mom surprised Owens with the incredible gift and caught the whole thing on video.

The day care worker had no idea about the fundraiser or that anyone had noticed how much she loves the kids she cares for. Her reaction is the sweetest thing ever, and I couldn’t hold back tears when I saw it. Watch the local news report, including that beautiful moment, below.

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