Mom Tries To Pay At The Cash. Now Watch What The Clerk Does To Her Baby.

In this video, we are introduced to what appears to be a perfectly ordinary situation. A young mom holding her few months old baby is at a convenience store, standing at the cash to pay for what looks like a bottle of Sprite. The store clerk has some small talk with the young customer holding her baby, and all seems ok. The clerk, who loves children leans over the counter a bit to admire the cute baby. That’s when she notices things going wrong… Something takes over the mom, and the clerk suddenly has the dreaded feeling that something is very wrong. She was right. Watch what happens in the video below, and don’t forget to celebrate the clerk’s prompt actions to celebrate her incredibly simple but life-saving deed.

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Aside from the store clerk’s fantastic save, I couldn’t help but notice how the mother seemed to hold on to the last second before the seizure fully took over. It’s as if her maternal instinct kicked in – even as her body was clearly having extreme difficulties holding on, she somehow did. When the baby is safe and sound in the clerk’s arms, only then does the seizure fully take over… Incredible.

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