Motorist Is Furious When A Motorcycle Runs Into Him. Then He Looks At The Ground And Everything Changes.

Sayd Omar Morales Akmad was out driving in heavy traffic in the Philippines, when he was suddenly rammed from behind by a motorcycle. The clash left a large dent on the backside of his car, and at first Akmad was prepared to complain loudly about the other driver. But then he saw what lay on the ground, near his car… and realized that perhaps it was better to put his selfishness behind, and look at the bigger picture. Now the driver’s compassionate move is spreading like wildfire online.

When Sayd stepped outside his car after the crash, it was not just an overturned motorcycle he saw lying there – but also a sack of rice.

It turned out that the motorcyclist who had run into him was a poor fisherman who was returning home with the rice to feed his hungry family.

Sayd Omar Morales Akmad(Facebook)k

When police arrived to the scene they took the motorcyclist for the blame and wanted him to pay for the damage.

Sayd quickly realized that the poor fisherman’s family would have no food to eat due to the accident and the ruined bag of rice that was scattered all over the dirty road.

He understood that he, in spite of a dent on the car, had considerably more luck in life than the poor man who fought for his survival. So he decided against making any complaint about his car – but that wasn’t all.

Sayd Omar Morales Akmad(Facebook)

To everyone’s surprise, Sayd also decided to the poor man money, so that he could buy food for his family to replace the rice he had lost.
The poor man was in tears and thanked Sayd for his generosity and kindness. Sayd simply referred to his grandmother who taught him these wise words: “You can always replace lost things, but not lost respect or love for others,” which he later shared on Facebook.

Seeing this motorist choose not to seek out compensation, but instead help someone who needed it more practically moved me to tears. Please share this beautiful story of human compassion and forgiveness with all your friends!

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