Nanny who says she saw Woody Allen acting inappropriately with “naked” Dylan Farrow speaks out

The nanny who was in the house at the time Woody Allen and Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter Dylan Farrow is said to have been abused by her father, has spoken out 30 years after the alleged incident.

Alison Stickland said she witnessed the Hollywood movie director touching his daughter inappropriately when she was just 7 years old.

In an exclusive interview during an episode of the “Allen v Farrow” podcast, Stickland, who was Casey Pascal’s former babysitter, recalls what she witnessed three decades after her account helped prompt an investigation into Allen.

Stickland, who was watching Pascal’s young children at the time, said she saw Allen burying his face into seven-year-old Dylan’s lap while she wasn’t wearing underwear. 

"I don't know how you can live with what you did," Mia Farrow tells Woody Allen in a taped phone call during the third episode of "Allen v. Farrow."

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The nanny said the alleged incident took place while she was staying at the Connecticut home of Allen and his then wife Mia Farrow in August 1992.

“I just walked, turned, and went. I was shocked. I thought it was very odd. I thought… I didn’t know what to think of it, really. It’s not something you expect to see, a situation you expect to see a father and daughter in,” Stickland said, during an episode of the podcast, as per The Independent.

“You don’t think something all those years ago is going to come back, so it was a shock. I didn’t respond very quickly because I had to let it sink in. I felt, you know, it’s something I kind of really need to do because if I leave it and don’t, it will probably eat away at me.”

Stickland previously made the allegations during a child custody hearing in 1993 between Allen and Farrow over their children Dylan, Moses and Ronan.

On Sunday, Dylan Farrow released a statement about the heretofore unseen video of herself as a child disclosing her…

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Dylan later confessed to her mother that Allen had molested her in the attic that same day – August 4, 1992, as per the Daily Mail newspaper.

The allegation is reiterated following the release of an HBO four-part documentary “Allen v Farrow” which charts the couple’s relationship.

The couple split when Allen announced he was in a relationship with Mia’s adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn. The couple married in 1997.

Allen, now 85, denies being inappropriate with Dylan and has accused Mia of ‘coaching’ Dylan into the confession.

Dylan, now 35, recalls in the documentary how grueling it was being interviewed 9 times over the sexual abuse claims.

“The more I was asked the same question over and over the more I started to wonder, ‘What do they want from me?’ And feeling like the more I said the same thing that it was the wrong answer,” Dylan says in the docuseries, as per People.

“Every little idiosyncrasy that I could have had as a 7-year-old girl was used against me,” she added.  

The four-part series is currently airing on HBO.


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