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Never Do This When You Put Your Child In The Car. This Could Save Your Child’s Life.

When riding in a car with kids you strap the seat belt on to protect them. During winter, you may not think twice and continue to strap their belts on as you always have – so in this case, on top of their winter jackets. Doing this can in fact be dangerous. While it may appear that the belt fits snuggly over the jacket and the child is safe, this isn’t so. In the case of a crash, this could have devastating consequences as the seatbelt is too loose if worn this way. The baby can be thrown out from beneath the belt, NBC News reported. It’s therefore very important to always remove a child’s winter coat when buckling up their seat belt. If the child is cold, you can put the jacket or a blanket on top of the strapped seat belt. I had no idea about this personally so I’m grateful I came across this information which I will definitely be sharing with everyone I know who has a kid. And even those who don’t so they can share it with people they know who do!

Take a look at this video which explains why it’s important for kids to wear their seatbelts inside their winter jacket:

Even if you were already aware of this, please make sure to share this information with the rest of your family as well as your friends in case they ever strap a child in a vehicle. Better safe than sorry, especially when it comes to our children!

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