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New mom finds a free seat – then a woman screams that she’s not allowed to sit in first class

All mothers who have traveled with a baby know just how difficult it is. So when finally getting into a bus, train or plane, it is often a huge relief to finally sit down and try to relax. 

However, this relief didn’t come easily to one mother recently. When she asked a woman to remove her bag from the seat next to her so that she could sit with her baby, she received a most unsympathetic response.  

It was last week that the new mother from England got the unexpected treatment from an older woman. The mother was on a train to Brighton, UK and had trouble finding her and her baby a seat.

When she saw an elderly woman using the seat next to her for her purse, she asked if she and her son could sit there.

But she did not get the response she expected.

“I asked you nicely to put your bag on the floor and I offered to put it up. I’m carrying a baby you have to respect me,” the mother said. 

“And you have to respect your elders and betters. People have actually paid to sit in this carriage,” the older passenger retorked.

The mother had paid for a regular ticket, and thought the location was a “priority seating” meant for the elderly, pregnant women and disabled. She quickly became aware that the place belonged to first class, but the older woman next proceeded to argue her case.

“I don’t want a screaming baby,” she said, raising his voice.

“He’s not screaming he is behaving better than you,” replied the mother.

A hidden camera captured a video published on the Daily Mail revealing how fellow passengers further down the carriage finally provided a seat to the mother who eagerly moved away from the older lady.

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