Paramedic arrested for fondling young woman having seizures

There are some things in life that make the hair on my skin rise. This is a story that had just that effect on me.

Nevertheless, I thought it worth sharing due to the strange nature of it.

I don’t want this to make anyone judge all paramedics in a bad way as I definitely think this was an exceptional case.

Jared Evans, 32, a paramedic from California is being accused of allegedly fondling a 19-year-old woman – when he was supposed to be helping her.

During a call, a woman, who was having seizures, was being transported to a local hospital. It’s then that the paramedic allegedly put his hands down the woman’s shirt and took out one of her breasts.


Luckily Jared, who also works as a fireman, wasn’t alone with the young woman – a paramedic intern was with him that day and witnessed the events unfold before his eyes. After doing the deed, Jared turned to the intern and said: “Sorry, man, I had to.”

Thankfully, the intern had the good sense to report the incident – and Jared was quickly apprehended.

“The Sacramento Fire Department takes all citizen complaints seriously, and works quickly to take appropriate actions to mitigate them. When this complaint was made to Fire Administration, it was immediately forwarded to Law Enforcement officials and a formal investigation was requested,” Sacramento Fire Chief Walt White said in a statement.

Evans was released from jail on $3,000 bail. He is scheduled to appear next in court on Sept. 26.

Taking advantage of anyone in a state of vulnerability is never ok! Whether the elderly, the young, animals – or of course someone in need of medical attention, I feel this is one of the worst levels humans can stoop to! Share this story if you agree.

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