Dashcam footage shows police finding missing 4-year-old in pond, and jumping in to save his life

Parents will do anything to ensure their child is healthy, secure and happy. For that very reason, it’s also a parent’s worst nightmare when something happens to ther child.

Unfortunately, nightmare became reality for one 4-year-old boy’s family.

The toddler, Paolo Moctezuma, was reported missing on June 12. Yet what could have been a fatal drowning accident was avoided thanks to three police officers who are now being hailed as heroes.

Officers Daniel Thompson, Matthew Tycast, and Chad Balausky were on duty on the morning of Saturday, June 12, when a child was reported missing from a home in Cleveland. The boy had reportedly been staying at a relative’s house.

The officers immediately began a search for 4-year-old Paolo Moctezuma. They then received a report of a body floating in the Recreation Park fishing pond.

Facebook/Painesville Police Department 

The officers quickly headed to the pond, though the murkiness of the water made it difficult for them to see if anyone was indeed in there. Before long, though, they noticed air bubbles rising from the pond.

The “silhouette of a small person”

As per Cleveland19, they then spotted the “silhouette of a small person” about 20-feet from the pond’s bank. The officers knew they had to act fast – so Officers Tycast and Thompson removed their gun belts and rushed into the water to try to save the boy. Officer Balausky, meanwhile, ran to get a rope to assist them.

Facebook/Painesville Police Department 

One of the cruiser dashcams showed the whole scene unfold. 

The boy had swallowed a lot of water, and so Officer Thompson quickly began chest compressions.

“After a number of chest compressions, they had a cough and things started to expel, water started to expel out of the child’s mouth,” said Police Chief Dan Waterman, according to The Epoch Times.

Painsville Fire Department soon arrived at the scene to provide the little boy with further medical treatment. Paolo was then taken to Tri Pont Medical Center in Concord.

Facebook/Painesville Police Department 

“They didn’t hesitate for a moment to risk their own lives”

Thankfully, he has made a full recovery.

“They responded quickly, they worked excellently, made excellent decisions under pressure and they didn’t hesitate for a moment to risk their own lives to save that child,” said Chief Waterman of his officers.

Paolo’s parents, Jose and Anna, were very emotional while speaking to the officers and thanked them and the medics who saved their son’s life.

UPDATE ON MISSING JUVENILE SAVED BY POLICE PAINESVILLE, Ohio— The Painesville Police Department is pleased to share an…

Posted by Painesville Police Department on Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Went out through a sliding door

According to police, Paolo was with relatives while his parents were working. It’s believed he left the family member’s home through a sliding door.

After the accident, Painesville Police Department announced the boy had fully recovered thanks to the heroic officers.

“The child, Paolo Moctezuma, has made a full recovery from the near drowning and was released from Cleveland’s MetroHealth Medical Center on Tuesday, June 15,” the post stated.

”Without the 9-1-1 callers and the responding officers’ quick responses, this near tragedy would have a much different outcome.”

These heroic police officers not only saved the boy’s life, but when Paolo had returned home from the hospital, Officers Thompson and Tycast visited him to present him with a basket full of toys and police memorabilia as a welcome home gift.

Painesville police also took the opportunity to remind the public of the importance of speaking with young children about water safety.

Talk about water safety

”The Painesville Police Department would like to thank all those involved and to remind everyone on the importance of speaking with your children about water safety at a young age. The Painesville Police Department couldn’t be more proud of the responding officers and sincerely wish Paolo and his family a safe, happy and healthy summer.”

UPDATE ON MISSING JUVENILE SAVED BY POLICE PAINESVILLE, Ohio— The Painesville Police Department is pleased to share an…

Posted by Painesville Police Department on Wednesday, June 16, 2021

In the video below you can watch the rescue. Note: Some viewers may find the video difficult to watch.

06.12.2021 Painesville Police Water Rescue in Rec Park

❗️WARNING! VIDEO MAY BE DISTURBING FOR SOME VIEWERS❗️UPDATE: The child is currently in stable conditionPAINESVILLE, Ohio— In the morning of Saturday, June 12, the Painesville Police Department made a startling rescue of an unresponsive child floating in Painesville’s Recreation Park fishing pond.A four-year-old male Painesville City resident was initially reported missing from a family member’s residence just north of the park’s location at 7:40 a.m. Painesville officers reported to the area and were actively searching for the juvenile when a call came in at 8:12 a.m. of a possible floating body in the nearby park’s fishing pond. When officers arrived on the scene, the child was not initially visible due to debris on top of the pond. Officer Daniel Thompson and Sergeant Matthew Tycast observed air bubbles and a silhouette of a small person roughly twenty feet off the bank of the pond. A third officer on scene, Officer Chad Balausky, retrieved a throw rope for safety as the other officers entered the water to attempt rescue. The child did not appear to be breathing and was carried to shore, where he was placed on the bank and Officer Thompson began CPR while Sergeant Tycast cleared the child’s airways. The officers continued lifesaving efforts until Sergeant Tycast observed the child was breathing and moved him to the recovery position to expel excess water from his system. Responding officers continued to monitor the child’s breathing until the Painesville City Fire Department arrived and began treatment. The child was transported to Tri Pont Medical Center in Concord for medical treatment. It is believed that the child exited the family member’s residence via a sliding rear door and entered the nearby park through a closed rear exit, known locally as “Snake Hill.” The Painesville Police Department is proud of the responding officers for their courageous actions and lifesaving efforts. We sincerely hope the child has a full and speedy recovery.This incident continues to be an ongoing investigation. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Painesville Police Department at 440-392-5840.

Posted by Painesville Police Department on Saturday, June 12, 2021

We are very happy to hear that Paolo is fine and we want to thank these police officers for their heroism. Without them, this could have had a completely different outcome.

Don’t forget to talk to your children about water safety. In a matter of seconds everything can change drastically. Please, share this article to remind your loved ones about this, and leave a comment in the box on Facebook to thank the police.