Pregnant mom diagnosed with rare eye cancer has died – rest in peace

Pregnant mom diagnosed with rare eye cancer has died – rest in peace

Jessica Boesmiller was diagnosed with a very rare eye cancer while she was pregnant with her twins. The young mother leaves behind her four children and bereaved husband.

Jessica Boesmiller was first diagnosed with ocular melanoma in 2017 when she was pregnant with twins. The diagnosis shocked her and her family, but they were ready to bravely battle her condition.

And at first, Jessica seemed to be on the road to recovery. Jessica underwent two surgeries, one to remove her eye and the next one to prepare her for a prosthetic eye. The prosthetic eye really helped with her confidence and helped her live a normal life.

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The ocular melanoma Jessica was diagnosed with is incredibly rare and impacts only five out of 1 million people. But the cancer was mysteriously found in over two dozen people in the Huntersville area, where Jessica resided.

The high instance of rare cancer clustered within one area has caused great concern for local authorities who are funding research and pushing for more funding to help find the cause of this spike in ocular melanoma.

Jessica bravely fought cancer for several years before finally succumbing to it. Her husband Mark Bosemiller started a Facebook page to chronicle Jessica’s journey after her cancer diagnosis posted on Tuesday about her death.

The post read, “Today, Jessica Boesmiller got her wings. She passed surrounded by a houseful of loving family that stood vigil throughout the night.”

Mark mentioned in the post that Jessica had been aware of her impending death and had accepted it.

During the last few weeks of her life, Jessica had fully been aware of her death and chose to stay home and spend quality time with her family. She wrote on Facebook that she was grateful for the quality time with her sons where they taught her how to play chess and helped entertain her in their own special ways.

As for the high occurrence of ocular melanoma in the Huntersville area, that is still a point of concern for residents and officials in the area alike. In an earlier interview, Jessica had given, she had said “We do want answers.” “Personally, I need to keep moving and keep living in taking care of my kids,” she had said.

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There have been investigations conducted into why this cancer is occurring so commonly in the Huntersville area for years but to no avail. The local authorities did genetic testing on those diagnosed, soil testing, and more but still have no answers.

Rest in peace, Jessica Boesmiller. And say a prayer for her family, that they find comfort during this trying time for them!