Prisoner laughs as he’s found guilty of murdering notorious pedophile in prison

A convicted prisoner laughed as he was found guilty of torturing and murdering a notorious pedophile while behind bars in October of 2019.

As per the Daily Mail, Paul Fitzgerald was sentenced to serve a minimum of 34 years in jail for the “poetic justice” murder of convicted pedophile Richard Huckle at the HMP Full Sutton East Yorkshire prison in Yorkshire, England.

Yet Fitzgerald is said to have broken out in laughter while being addressed by judge Honorable Mr Justice Lavender.

The particularly brutal murder of Huckle – considered one of Britain’s worst pedophiles – included the victim being tortured, raped, assaulted and eventually strangled with an electrical cable in an ordeal that lasted 78 minutes.

“You are a psychopath and derive pleasure from imagining torturing, raping, killing and even eating others,” Justice Lavender is reported to have told Fitzgerald.

“You went into his cell equipped and intended to rape and kill Mr Huckle and if possible cook and eat parts of him.

“You did this for your own pleasure and to carry out justice. You also did this for help and to be referred to a high security unit.

“This case involves sadistic conduct. You have convictions for indecent assaults from when you were 13 and 15, battery and criminal damage, assault occasioning actual bodily harm with intent to commit a sexual offence and while in possession of an offensive weapon and false imprisonment.

“I am sure you made a conscious decision to kill him. As you said yourself, you committed murder in cold blood.”

By the time another inmate arrived on the scene, Fitzgerald was straddling Huckle, who was three years in to serving 22 life sentences.

Huckle was reportedly lying on the floor in a pool of blood, and had severe injuries to his face. There was also a stab mark on his neck left by a melted toothbrush that his attacker had fashioned into a knife.

Fitzgerald, who laughed during the court proceedings, accepted killing Huckle by reason of diminished responsibility, though had denied the charge of murder against him.

Huckle had been found guilty in June 2016 of sexually abusing hundreds of children in Cambodia and Malaysia.

I know Huckle’s crimes were abhorrent, but a question can be raised as to whether or not anyone should take the law into their hands.

To me it’s clear that Fitzgerald should spend a long, long time behind bars, as he most certainly poses a threat to the community.