He refused to put his parents in a retirement home, instead he builds this

As our parents and grandparents or other loved ones grow older, we obviously want to make sure that they receive a dignified and comfortable life.

Not being able to live close to or take care of our ageing parents or other loved ones can be very difficult for any family member.

Although there are cases of happy retirement homes, many of them can be pretty grim and depressing.

And sadly, many retirement homes are actually not very well adapted to the needs of the elderly.

But doctor Kenneth Dupin has come with a brilliant solution.

Kenneth’s idea involves offering the right help to our elderly, having them living close to their family — all while no one’s sense of freedom is taken away.

American doctor and entrepreneur Kenneth Dupin has begun to build and design something called ‘Granny Pods’.

The small cottages are equipped with all necessary technology and amenities needed to make the retiree’s life comfortable and carefree.


The best part with these houses? Their size means that they can most likely be built in your backyard. This way, your loved one can always be close to you while getting all the help they need.


The houses, which are mobile and delivered assembled, can easily be placed in your garden for example.

They are also wheelchair accessible and electricity and water are connected through the main building. How clever is that?


And the inside? Well, have a look for yourself. Looks amazing to me!


Here’s yet another clever detail — there are webcams installed in the cottages so the family inside the house can keep an eye on their “residents” and make sure they are ok.


Of course there is also a large and well equipped kitchen — with a fridge, microwave, dishwasher and its own medicine vending machine.


The cottages are also supplied with defibrillators, rails, first aid kits and illuminated floorboards.



The bathroom is perfectly equipped and also accessible and adaptable for disabled persons, with shower and toilet.


As you can see the shower has handles and seating.


The bed is adjustable which makes everyday life a little easier!


Don’t you agree that it looks nice and homey?


I think this is such a wonderful idea! I love the idea of giving our elderly family members space and comfort while providing security and full assistance.

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