Ron Howard’s daughter Paige shared a dance with her dad at her wedding that brought tears to people’s eyes

While at work Ron Howard is a Hollywood heavyweight, at home, he is a doting father to his four children. He and his wife of 47 years adore their children and are committed parents.

Ron Howard and Cheryl Howard are known to adore their four children, two of whom are twin girls. Recently one of his twin daughters, Paige Howard tied the knot to her long-time love Tim Abou-Nasr.

Paige also happens to be an actress like her older sister Bryce Dallas Howard and father. To study the craft of acting, Paige went to the New York City Tisch School of The Arts. She has since then appeared in movies like “The Employer,” and “Adventureland.” As well as having roles on television shows like “The Astronauts” and “Medium.”

In 2020, Paige became engaged to her boyfriend of three years, actor and musician Tim Abou-Nasr. The couple announced in May 2020 that they would need to postpone the wedding because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

On the day of her would-be wedding, she posted on Instagram about having enjoyed the day with her fiance and coming to the realization that the two of them should be working towards their marriage, not the wedding day. The actress wrote, “Tim and I put a lot of thought and energy into planning our wedding, and although we had to postpone, it made us think – what if we put the same amount of energy into preparing for our marriage as we have our wedding day!”

The couple was happy to be engaged for another year. On May 2, 2022, Abou-Nasr finally revealed to the world what the couple’s wedding looked like.

He posted lovely shots of the family enjoying the festivities. He wrote a gray suit, with a matching tie and plain white shirt. While the bride wore a non-traditional color! Paige wore a champagne-colored, strapless lace gown paired with a flower headpiece.

She held a bouquet and smiled widely walking down the aisle with both her parents.

The couple had an outdoor wedding at Central Park in New York city. Tim wrote in his caption, “We could not have been happier. Paige was the most beautiful bride and is now my beautiful wife! So grateful, so relieved, so in love. It was worth the wait!”

Paige also took to Instagram to express her happiness. She wrote, “Mrs. The most beautiful day of my life this far. And on and on and on. We are on cloud nine! Thank you to everyone who made our special day what it was.”

The wedding venue was covered with pink and white flowers, with beautiful table ornaments of themed bouquets.

Of course, Bryce Dallas Howard was present at the nuptials and served as a bridesmaid for her little sister. Bryce was outfitted in a pale teal bridesmaid dress and sported a crown of roses with it. She was over the moon for her little sister and said she looked wonderful, “like the supernatural beauty that she is.”

She also mentioned how her non-traditional dress paid off, “The bride’s dress design was a dream come true – when Paige walked down the aisle, we literally gasped.”

Ron Howard was also overcome with happiness at his daughter’s wedding. He said, “Our Paigey looked like the flower goddess she truly is in one of the most beautiful gowns I have ever seen.”

Ron had the honor of officiating the wedding. He said of the wedding, “Cheryl and I are still glowing after Paige & Tim’s wedding. What a gift to both families.”

On Father’s Day, Paige finally posted a video of the father-daughter dance she shared with her dear father on the occasion of her wedding. Cheryl Howard can be seen in the background of the video looking incredibly happy.

People viewing the video generally agreed that it led to them shedding a few tears because of the tender moment Paige had shared with them.

Ron Howard expressed his fondness for the moment both of them had shared, and said, “That was such a great moment. I’m a lost dancer but used it as a chance for a hug I’ll always remember. Love you, Daughter!”

Honestly, the father and daughter dance is such a special moment for any bride and father of the bride! Such a sweet moment to witness.

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