Second-largest drug store chain in U.S. announces price cuts on more than 1,300 products

Walgreens is following in the steps of Aldi, Target, and Walmart with their announcement of price cuts to more than a thousand national and name brand products.

The news comes as consumers continue to deal with high prices at various retailers.

According to a press release from the company, customers will see reductions in prices on more than 1,300 items “throughout the season and beyond.”

“Walgreens understands our customers are under financial strain and struggle to purchase everyday essentials. We continue to be committed to our customers by lowering prices on over a thousand additional items, something we’ve been doing since October of 2023,” said Tracey D. Brown, EVP, President, Walgreens Retail & Chief Customer Officer.

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Costumers will see a reduction in prices across health and wellness, personal care, and seasonal categories.

For example, an 80-count One A Day gummy vitamins jar now cost $11.99, previously it cost $13.49. Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser has been reduced $1.00 to $6.99, and even Squishmallows have seen a decrease in price. They’re now $20.00 instead of $24.99.

While consumers may be relieved to find more stores reducing their prices, some wonder if there’s an ulterior motive.

“Make no mistake about it. This is not because these big box retailers are feeling bad for us. Their sales are down. They need to do something, so cutting prices in the beginning of this is the exact way that they’re going,” Paul Oster, the CEO of Better Qualified said.

Are you happy to see more retailers lower their prices or does it not make much of a difference to you?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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