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She Doesn’t Understand Why The Bus Stops. But When She Sees What The Driver Is Doing, She’s Hit Straight In The Heart.

Some days ago, a young 19-year-old woman named Tina Kamal was heading home on her local bus on a Saturday night. She suddenly noticed that the bus driver had stopped – and had not resumed driving again for some time. When she at last understood why the driver had stopped, she was profoundly moved. She later described the story and situation on her Facebook wall. And with thousands of shares within days, it’s clear that Tina is not alone in celebrating this absolutely wonderful bus driver’s actions.

19-year-old Tina described the incident on the wall of a Facebook page dedicated to the city she lives in, and the post was liked by over liked by almost 4,000 people.

Here is her post:

“I think I just met the nicest bus driver in the whole world! I was sitting alone on the bus when a woman and a gang of boys got off the bus. I noticed that at that point the bus driver stayed stopped for a while. I asked him why. That’s when he replied that he wanted to keep an eye on the young woman who had just gotten off. And he did what he said.. he kept an eye on her all the way until she came to her door and the gang of guys went in another direction.

He also made sure to drop me as close to my door as possible, to once again make sure that nothing happens to me! What a man. I just need to say thank you to this driver, who went beyond his duties in a simple act of humanity.”

Here is Tina’s original post (in Swedish):

Måste bara dela med mig här med

Publicerat av Tina Shna Kamal den 12 mars 2016

The incident occurred in a city in Sweden, but this could have happened anywhere in the world. What’s certain is this bus driver is a model to bus drivers everywhere. Please share his simple but meaningful gesture if you agree it’s great proof that basic humanity is alive and well.

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