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She Looks Like An Ordinary 8-Year-Old But Seconds Later… Jaw-Dropping.

What this little girl do when she’s horse-riding is everything but normal. Paynton Bensmiller, 8, was just two years old when she did her first couple of shows. Now she gets standing ovations on all of her shows in the US.

With her daring and risky shows, this little American have become a superstar in trick riding and you’ll understand why.

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I know how hard it can be to stay on the horse when you’re just practicing show jumping with your horse. This girl is just 8 years old but beats the majority of people when it comes to horse-riding skills and balance.

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The reason she has fallen for this risky sport?
“It’s a lot of fun, I like to go really fast,” Bensmiller says to

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Impressive, but also a little scary. I would never leave my kids on the horse with any helmet!
And for everyone out there that do horse-riding, I really want to emphasize that you should not try this at home.

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Here’s a video from one of Payton’s crazy and amazing shows.