She Was Mocked For Her Hair. Now Thousands Of People Are Praising Her Brilliant Response.

Mary Walls Penney from West Virginia is a young, hard-working nurse who works with patients who have Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

A few weeks ago, she stood in line at a grocery store. And while Mary was paying, the cashier noted her hospital badge and asked her what she does there.

“I’m a nurse,” replied Mary.

The cashier was shocked to hear this. Why? Well, Mary dyes her hair all different colors, has tattoos, and sports visible piercings.

And apparently that was too much for the cashier, who went on to humiliate Mary in front of the other customers. But the nurse had a brilliant comeback, which thousands of people are celebrating.

Facebook / Mary Walls Penney

Mary took to Facebook to write about the incident, which took place when she was at a grocery store in early July.

“I’m surprised they let you work there like that. What do your patients think about your hair?” the cashier asked her.

But the grocery store clerk didn’t stop there. She pulled an old lady who was behind Mary in line into the discussion.

Facebook / Mary Walls Penney

“What do you think about her hair?” the cashier asked.

The lady kindly said that it wasn’t her cup of tea, but said that hairstyles are a personal choice.

The cashier refused to let it go, and shouted that she was “shocked” that a nursing facility would “allow that.”

Facebook / Mary Walls Penney

Mary went home feeling crushed and wrote about her feelings on Facebook.

“Well, here’s my thoughts. I can’t recall a time that my hair color has prevented me from providing life saving treatment to one of my patients. My tattoos have never kept them from holding my hand and as they lay frightened and crying because Alzheimer’s has stolen their mind. My multiple ear piercings have never interfered with me hearing them reminisce about their better days or listening to them as they express their last wishes. My tongue piercing has never kept me from speaking words of encouragement to a newly diagnosed patient or from comforting a family that is grieving.

So, please explain to me how my appearance, while being paired with my cheerful disposition, servant’s heart, and smiling face, has made me unfit to provide nursing care and unable to do my job!”

Facebook / Mary Walls Penney

Mary’s post spread quickly and was soon liked more than 240,000 times and shared more than 150,000 times on Facebook.

People from around the globe complimented Mary on her colorful hair, her smile, and her warm attitude toward her patients.

Facebook / Mary Walls Penney

Wouldn’t life be terribly boring if we all looked the same? Luckily, there are people who aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd!

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