She Wrote An Answer After A Student Committed Suicide. Now, Her Letter Is Going Viral.

Lise Myhre is a famous cartoonist in Norway and she has created a very popular strip called “Nemi.” She was recently asked to speak at a local school after a student had been bullied and later committed suicide. But Lise refused to speak, instead she wrote a letter that is now going viral.

This is what she writes:

Another teenager has been driven to suicide. I was asked to speak for those left behind at his school. To say a few words about how it’s okay to be different, that we need to take care of each other, that we must never tolerate bullying. But I’m crying. And I don’t want to speak at his school. I want to burn it to the ground.

I’ve no wish to comfort passive teachers and shitty classmates. I want to tailor agony for each and every one of them and crush them from the inside. So I’m staying home. … But I’ll try to find you.

Those of you who wake up with your tummies in turmoil and a scream in your chest, dreading another day at school. Those of you who’ve already endured much more than any human should have to. I want to take your hand and tell you that the world is so much larger than you can possibly imagine right now. It is full of things that will bring you joy. Full of people who will accept you and love you. You can’t see it right now, but it’s true. It’s true. I don’t know you, but I promise you that I like you infinitely more than I would ever like those useless people trying to destroy you.

Ask for help, again and again until someone hears you. Look for lifelines wherever you can find them; in music, comics, books, anything, find what you like and hang on to it until things are better. It will get better. I promise you that once you’re done with school, life is completely different. Don’t give up. Don’t let the assholes win. With all my heart, I wish you all the joy this world has to offer.

Please keep fighting. Lise.

Another teenager has been driven to suicide. I was asked to speak for those left behind at his school. To say a few…

Posted by on den 3 augusti 2015

I get so upset when I read about bullying. It’s just awful when it go so far a kid sees no other way then to commit suicide. The things Lise writes about are so important for people that are the subject of bullying. It’s also an important reminder for the bystanders. We need to make this stop, all of us together. Nobody deserves to be bullied.

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