Simon Doesn’t Allow The Teen To Sing His Song. What He Does Instead Brings The Jury To Its Feet.

He doesn’t necessarily make the best impression for the judges when he walks on stage. And when the jury hears his song choice, they ask him to reconsider and their doubts grow. But then… he starts to sing.

It all starts with a discussion about soul music… Ché Chesterman walks on stage, not really impressing anyone really.

But the 18-year-old thinks he “offers something different, because there’s not a lot of soul in the industry at the moment.”

He goes on to say that he prefers old-school soul, such as Stevie Wonder and Luther Vandross. Sam Smith is alright too, and that’s who he has chosen to sing on this particular day.

But Simon Cowell doesn’t seem to agree with his choice.

“Is that a good idea? Tell me what else you got,” he says.

Ché suggests a Jessie J track instead — and Simon gives the young man the go-ahead.

Ché takes a deep breath, and what comes out is just an escalating crescendo of mad singing skills.

My favorite part is definitely at 2:05min when his voice gets really profound. So worth the listen.

Source: YouTube/Ché Chesterman

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