Singer Elton John allegedly pees in bottle while out shopping for shoes with his sons

A few people come to mind when you think of a celebrity with global fame recognized by several generations. Singer Elton John is one of them. However, it seems that someone failed to recognize the singer and only realized till much later what had transpired.

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Elton John was in France according to reports and decided to do a little shoe shopping. The singer went to a store called Sugarkikz and the store owner Ryan Sukkar did not realize who he was.

The singer was accompanied by his two sons, both of whom were looking for shoes. During the shopping, the famed Tiny Dancer singer asked the owner whether there was a restroom. When he was told there was none he decided to take matters into his own hands.


According to the store owned, the singer asked his bodyguard for a bottle stepped to the side of the store, and began urinating in the said bottle. Sukkar also shared that Elton John apparently has bad aim since he spilled on the floor and later asked his bodyguard for a towel to clean up his mess.

The shop owner shared that when this happened he had been “shocked and frustrated.” This was the first time in three years of him running his store that something of this sort had ever happened.


Since Sukkar did not know who Elton was, he asked him what he did for a living. The famed singer simply responded with, “I’m Elton John.” After this, the store owner quickly searched online only to realize what a big deal the singer was!

He shared that Elton bought two pairs of sneakers for each of his sons and even took a picture of him with his boys and their new kicks! Ryan shared that Elton shook his hand before leaving the store.


This is such a hilarious story! I had no idea that there were people out there who did not know who Elton John was! Share this with other people who might find this piece hilarious as well.

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