Son finds mother dead on the bathroom floor – in the kitchen, the doctor had just left a note

Niklas whad a meeting planned with his mother who lived in a senior home in Sweden. But when he arrived to her room, he discovered her dead on the bathroom floor.

The doctor had pronounced her dead by leaving a note on the kitchen table, but the family had not yet been notified. 

“I don’t understand how this could happen,” a shocked Niklas told local newspaper Arbetarbladet.

Niklas’ mother has for some years been living in a retirement home. On August 7, Niklas went to meet her to help her to do some shopping.

But when he arrived, he discovered her dead on the bathroom floor.

Niklas’ mom was lying with her walker laying over her.

“My first thought was that she was simply unconscious,” Niklas told local press Arbetarbladet.

He started performing CPR – but to no avail.

It’s only when the paramedics arrived that Niklas discovered the note laying on his mother’s kitchen table.

The note was signed by a physician who had been there earlier that day at 11.30am and declared Niklas’ mother dead.

But no one had heard from him.

“To come visit your mother thinking you’re just going to go shopping, then find her dead in that way… I don’t understand how it can get to that. To leave a person dead in this way is a show of complete lack of dignity,” he told Arbetarbladet.

The incident has been notified to the country’s Agency for Health Care.

Meanwhile, Borje Svensson, the head doctor at the primary health care, has apologized.

“First of all I want to say that it is extremely unfortunate and unacceptable that a family member should have to live through this. We ask very very sorry. Both home help and we have made serious mistakes, he told Arbetarbladet.

This kind of incident should simply never happen. Please share this article as it helps spread awareness about the problems that exist within our elder care system today. Hopefully, more attention can help lead to improvements.

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