”Soon nobody will mess with me”. The 14-year-old committed suicide. This letter hurts so much, but everyone should read it.

This hurts. It should hurt to read this. The fact that children are being bullied and abused everyday is something that we can´t accept. The person in this letter never became 15. It was written by the Helsinki police, in an attempt to encourage more people to intervene when they see that someone is being bullied. Read it and pass it on. We need to remind each other not to look that other way when we see someone getting hurt.

The letter from the police:
“You were just teasing your schoolmate a little bit. It wasn’t so bad. You were laughing along when the others were hiding their stuff. And stealing the smartphone was something you all did together. Everyday in school started with you teasing your schoolmate. It was fun. And besides, everyone did it.

The student in this story was 14 years when he/she decided to commit suicide. He/she was afraid everyday. During the last six months he/she didn’t have a single friend and just couldn’t stand it anymore. He/she only left a note saying: “Soon nobody will mess with me again”. We don´t wan´t this story to repeat it self.

Don´t take part when other people are bullying someone. Be strong and speak your mind. Tell your teachers if saying “stop it” is´nt enough. Even the teachers can´t see everything. Step forward and tell your teachers or parents about what is going on.

Have you been bullied? You are not alone. By talking about you can get help. Just like the teachers we can´t see everything, but we want to help you. Because SCHOOL BULLYING is a CRIME.

– The Helsinki Police Department


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