Strangers Gather To Finish This 75-Year-Old’s Roof. Such Heroes!

Changing the roof can be an extremely daunting task — even when several people are involved in the work. But if you’re 75 years-old, and doing it alone, the task is much more grueling. That was the case for 75-year-old Richard Dubiel who fought and struggled to get his roof together all by himself. But one day, a neighbor decided to offer a helping hand … and suddenly, everything changed in a way no one would have expected.

Every day, for three months, Richard Dubiel went through the same routine. He climbed up a ladder to the top of his house, and began working on a new roof. At 75, it’s fair to say he liked to do things his way, no matter how long it took. He also preferred not to ask for help from others.


But meanwhile, one of Richard’s neighbors, David Perez, watched as the elderly man struggled to finish his roof. He was quite stunned to see the 75-year-old doing it all on his own… So he decided to try to help his neighbor.

David posted pictures of Richard on Facebook to see if any of his friends knew of any roofers or carpenters who could step in and offer a helping hand.

Photo: David Perez (Facebook)

And the response he got was absolutely incredible. Thousands shared his post and by the weekend, a large group of volunteers turned up outside Richard’s house, ready to get to work.

Photo: David Perez (Facebook)

Everyone helped for completely free, so Richard could finally sit back and devote himself instead to leading the work.

Photo: David Perez (Facebook)

That same afternoon, the roof was finished. Richard was overwhelmed by the strangers’ incredible kindness.

“I have regained faith in humanity,” he said in an interview afterward.

Photo: David Perez (Facebook)

It’s true that it can be difficult to ask for help, but thanks to Richard’s neighbor and all the volunteers, the roof was successfully finished.

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