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Students Give This Elderly Widow A Wonderful Surprise To Thank Her For Her Kindness.

Tinney Davidson and her husband had a daily routine. Every morning, lunchtime, and afternoon, they would cheerfully wave at students walking past their house on their way to and from high school.

At first, the teens thought it was a little strange. They wondered why an old couple would smile and wave at them every day. But after a while, the students grew to appreciate the kind gesture and came to enjoy waving back. Both sides saw the ritual as one of those little moments that infused the rest of the day with positive energy.

Years passed, and the couple continued to wave. Then one day, Tinney’s husband passed away. She kept waving by herself, though, and the happy exchanges with the students meant more to her than ever.

Later, the high school students realized the importance of the little tradition and decided to do something special to show Tinney how much they cared for her.


One day, some teens knocked on Tinney’s front door. The lovely lady was happy to see them, but also surprised. The students asked her to accompany them to school, and she agreed. Once there, Tinney was showered with gifts, hugs, and Valentine’s Day that showed that she wasn’t alone. Everyone at school knew who she was—and they all wanted to show Tinney that they were there for her anytime. “I’m overwhelmed by all of this. It’s wonderful,” said a tearful Tinney when she was interviewed at the school.

Check out the moment below. It’s impossible not to be touched! Big thumbs up to these teens.

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