Study shows: people who wake up tired have a higher IQs

Are you a night owl who likes to go to bed late? Congratulations! Then you probably have a high IQ, according to a recent study published in Psychology Today.

Some people are night owls and wake up tired in the morning. And one thing that sets these people apart may be intelligence. A study of American adolescents shows that teens with higher IQs stay up later than those with lower IQs. And therefore, they’re more tired in the morning.


Unlike many other mammals, we humans ignore our biological clocks and break our circadian rhythms. We can choose when and how we want to sleep. Want to sleep late? Why not! And the results from the study show that people with higher IQs go against the flow of their circadian rhythms, while people with normal IQs follow them.

How about you? Do you usually disregard your circadian rhythms?


Satoshi Kanazawa, a psychologist at the London School of Economics and Political Science, also supports the study’s thesis. He has done extensive research on circadian rhythms and intelligence. And according to him, they are clearly linked.

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