Teacher vows not to assign homework for a full year — so students can spend time with their families

Teacher Brandy Young, from Texas, sent her students an unexpected message before school started.

She has announced that she won’t be assigning any homework this year.

Instead, she’s urging families to spend more time with their children and do positive things that promote success.

By now, most schools have opened their doors to start the new school year. And with that comes something most students don’t miss during the summer holidays—homework!

But before the semester even started, second grade students at Godley Elementary School in Texas got a surprise in that department.

At a meeting with parents before school started, teacher Brandy Young handed out a note that explained her unique homework policy.

Samantha Gallagher / Facebook

Samantha Gallagher, a parent at the meeting, shared the teacher’s letter on Facebook and added that her daughter “is loving her new teacher already!” Now, that Facebook post has received more than 59,000 shares.

“Students work hard all day. When they go home they have other things they need to learn there,” teacher Brandy Young told CBS News. “I’m trying to develop their whole person; it’s not beneficial to go home and do pencil and paper work.”

Some people might think that these second graders aren’t going to do enough work this year. But I’m sure they’ll do the work that would’ve been homework in school instead. Now, they can spend more time with their families, and I think that’s important, too. Share if you agree!

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