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The Boy Is Scared And Calls 911. But What He Tells His Best Friend Leaves Everyone In Tears.

Sometimes we all need someone to be there for us. But support doesn’t always come in the shape of a major gesture– sometimes just knowing someone is there is more than enough to bring solace and comfort to the soul. This story reflects exactly that. The true story was shared by a police department in Sweden and has spread widely on social media since. It tells the heartbreaking story of a young boy who called emergency after witnessing something no child should ever witness… But that child is beyond a victim. He is an inspiring hero to us all. The boy’s strength and maturity were quickly noticed by the police that arrived on scene. This touched me literally to tears and I just hope that as many people as possible read it. As adults, we should be behaving as adults. But I suppose it is those children that have that amazing ability to do so on our behalf that make the real difference.

Here is the police’s Facebook post (translated from Swedish):

“Thank you for being there…”

A boy who has barely reached puberty calls. He is sad and upset – his father is beating his mom.

We hurry there. We’re greeted by a weeping woman and two very sad children. A drunk man is also at home.

I take the boy who phoned us aside. We go into his room and shut the door. Some peace and quiet can go a long way. He tells me what happened. Tears flow down his cheeks. This is a wise son. His whole way of describing the situation and formulating things impresses me. At some point, he gathers himself. “What a crappy day this was,” he says and smiles at me. We start talking about other things. School, video games, future dreams and friends. That last word – friends…

“Can I call my friend ?” he asks. “Of course,” I reply.

He picks up his phone and wipes a tear from his cheek.

His friend picks up… And the boy begins:

“Hey. It’s me. I just wanted to thank you for being there for me before.”

Wow. What a guy…

/Officer Cammo

Here’s the original post from the Swedish police (in Swedish)

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