The 3-Year-Old Girl Seems Harmless. But Ask Her About Chemistry And She’s A Genius Little Beast!

I vividly recall how I loved playing with stuffed toys when I was little, probably just around 3. But this girl, Brielle, who’s also 3, has entirely different interests. She knows all about chemicals, 119 different ones, in fact, and can even recognize the symbols that represent them. Oh, and she also happens to know all the US presidents, can name every European country… and more. When she’s invited to prove this on national television, she’s nothing short of a very little champ. She recently appeared on well-known US “The Ellen Show”, stunning everyone in the crowd, and anyone sitting at home watching. Personally, my mouth dropped as the adorable little girl responded to all of Ellen’s questions perfectly. “My little brain just remembers,” is the 3-year-old’s explanation for her extraordinary talent. Watch the video for yourself below.

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