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Boy is bullied every day at school – 19 years later, his old bully steps into the classroom

Chadmichael Morrisette grew up in his hometown of Eagle River, Alaska. But after leaving, he never dreamed of returning.

Throughout high school he was bullied so badly that he moved away as soon as he got the chance. He vowed never to return to his childhood home again.

Chadmichael was harassed daily, in large part because he was gay. His bullies threatened to kill him.

Greatly shaken by his traumatic experiences, he decided to create a new life when he was old enough and moved away from cold Alaska to big city Los Angeles.

There he finally had some peace, but painful memories and emotional scars remained.

Many years later, an unexpected message appeared through Chadmichael’s Facebook account. It was written by Louis, one of his former bullies.

Louis, now a 35-year-old paper salesman and family man, had a question that puzzled Chadmichael.

Chadmichael felt that he had to return home, despite the risk of opening up old wounds… But since Louis made him a special offer, Chadmichael could not resist.

Watch what happens in the clip below, when Chadmichael comes face to face with the bully who tormented him, 19 years later.

I really hope everyone takes the time to watch Chadmichael and Louis’ heartwarming meeting.

All bullying, regardless of its level, is reprehensible and something we have to work hard to stop. Despite this, it’s certainly moving to watch a human come to terms with his mistakes and have the courage to ask for forgivenes.

I think for this, Louis deserves much praise. Share this story if you agree!

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