Boy steps onto bus crying – when it’s clear why, the bus driver reacts with lightning speed

In a world that seems increasingly dark – where across the world people are constantly taking in news violence and misery – it’s really important to highlight positive examples. Such stories are often tales of heroes that prove there is still hope for humanity – and stand for what we all hope for deep down: That love will always prevail.

This story of 52-year-old bus driver John Lunceford is just one of them.

Recently, a little boy got on his bus, crying and seemingly inconsolable. John knew immediately that he needed to lend a helping hand. He immediately noticed that the boy’s hands and ears were bare and had turned bright red from the freezing cold.

As soon as the boy found a place and sat, John went over to him and handed him his gloves so he could warm his hands. 

“I put my gloves on him and told him it’ll be OK, it’ll be OK,” John told Kennewick School District on their Facebook page.


But John didn’t stop there. He later found out some sad news from the school administration: the boy’s parents could not afford a hat or gloves for him. So after dropping off the kids at school, he decided to head out and do the only right thing.

He headed out to a clothing store and picked up not just one, but a dozen hats and gloves. He returned to the school and dropped them off for the boy that morning – as well as any other students who might be in the same situation. 

“I’m a grandfather, you know. No one wants a kid to suffer like that,” he told the school’s Facebook page.


The little boy and his parents were grateful for his kind gesture, and the school was very proud of their compassionate bus driver. They later decided to pay tribute to him on their Facebook page. The story quickly spread like wildfire with close to 14,000 likes and thousands of shares – all people obviously touched by this bus driver’s simple gesture which made the world, quite literally, a warmer place.


What John did was not necessarily the most expensive, time consuming, or difficult thing in the world. Then again, things don’t have to be to bring a smile to another person’s face, or make their heart a little bit warmer.

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