The Image Of A Waitress’ Bleeding Feet After Her Work Shift Has Tens Of Thousands Boiling With Anger.

Most women know how uncomfortable it can be to walk in high heels. Especially for long periods of time. I would never, never, ever, be able to have a job that requires me to go an entire shift in high-heeled shoes. But recently, a woman was forced to do just that at a restaurant chain in Canada and the United States. Waitressing is a very challenging job, and wages can be quite low. Despite this, many restaurants have ‘dress codes’ implemented… some which just make the job harder. When the priority is making your staff ‘look good’, or worse, ‘sexy’, then comfort and even safety often come in second. Staff thus sometimes find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place, and conform to the dress code rules in order keep their jobs. Recently, attention was drawn to these issues when one woman caught in such a situation posted a horrific picture of her blood stained feet on Facebook. The cause? The uncomfortable high heels she was forced to wear at work for a long shift. Read the full story below.

I was extremely upset when I saw this picture. I know how much it hurts to walk in a pair of high-heels, although I’ve never spent that many hours in a pair – to the point that my feet bleed.

The waitress had worked a full shift at restaurant Joey in Canada and when she got home, she realized that she’d lost one of her toenails in the process.


Her friend Nicola Gavin was very upset when she saw how her friend was tormented with the demands of wearing such uncomfortable shoes at work – and put up the picture of her friend’s bloodied feet – alongside an angry Facebook post. The post has been shared over 11,800 times.

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Nicole called the restaurant chain “sexist” and “outdated”.

“Here’s what she wrote on Facebook:

To anyone I know who eats at Joey Restaurants (Jasper Ave, Edmonton location specifically).

Their policy is still that female staff wear heels unless medically restricted, my friends feet were bleeding to the point she lost a toe nail and she was still discouraged and berated by the shift manager for changing into flats (specifically told that heels would be required on her next shift the following day).”

“In addition, the female staff have to purchase a uniform/dress at the cost of 30$ while male staff can dress themselves in black clothing from their own closets (and are not required to wear heels).”

Hundreds of people have commented on the post. Some encouraged the waitress to quit immediately, while others voiced their outrage that anyone be forced to work under such conditions.

Others were extremely inspired by her story and took direct action, such as this Swedish man who wore heels for an entire day at work to show solidarity with her.

Britt Innes, Vice President of Marketing at the Joey Restaurant Group, told The Daily Mail that they were concerned by the picture and had spoken to the waitress in question with full concern. He also said that the chain had previously changed its shoe policy but that the information had not reached all the restaurants.

It’s just terrible that women should ever have to work under such conditions. Working environments are important, and it’s equally important to feel comfortable in what you are working. Please share if you agree!

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