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The Police Came To A Home, But Something Was Wrong. The Meeting With The Child Now Affects Thousands Of People.

It hurts to read the police’s story from when he met a kid in Stockholm in Sweden. But it’s a very important story and it reminds us that we must take care of our youngest.    

Here is the touching message from the police:

Tufts of your mothers hair on the hallway floor.
Mess in your home. Your dad is drunk and is laying on the floor. He puts his hand over the head when he hears our boots moving up the building.
We enter your life and put handcuffs on your dad, we rob his liberty. We rob his liberty to be able to be your dad for the moment.
Screams and shouts. Bruises and wounds. A constant concern. Gulit.
After you tried to stop your father from abusing your mom
with your plastic sword you flee to a neighbour. A stranger.
You call for my help. You are six years old but you talk to me as if you were a grown up. Each of your sentences hurts my heart.
It hurts so much listening to you. It hurts listening to your experiences.
After a little chat you nicely ask for my autograph. You say that you collect autographs from all of your heroes. You say that my signature will end up in the shelf next to football players from Hammarby.
The finest grade. The most valuable proof that my colleagues and I make a difference.
Difference for defenseless people, like you.
Before we leave you with your mother you told us that you one day would become a football palyer. We asked if you would be the next Zlatan.
You answered, “No, I go my own way, I’m a rough worker, a fighter.”
Take care of our youngest.

By clicking here you can see the original message from the police.

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