They ask to borrow a homeless man’s bucket – moments later you’ll be crying

Acts of kindness can often inspire more, and if you take a small leap of faith you can often get a big reward. A little trust can go a long way, and opening up to people be can be a very positive thing. 

One story from Germany is proof of this, as three talented musicians made one guy’s day.

The man was sitting on a street in Germany when a guy, who is wearing a GoPro, approached him and asked if he could borrow his bucket.

It seems like a bit of an odd request from a stranger, and at first the man seemed a little bit confused. But it quickly became apparent what was happening.

The man behind the camera showed off some seriously impressive drum skills. And it got even better, as one of the cameraman’s friends sat down with a guitar and joined in the party.

YouTube/London Bangla TV

A third musician then joins in, creating a brilliant melody with the other singer. A crowd starts to gather and the man looks simply stunned at what is happening.

YouTube/London Bangla TV

At the end of the song, the trio return the man’s hat – which has been filled with donations by the crowd and, of course, give him his bucket back.

YouTube/London Bangla TV

Watch the full song in the video below:

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