This Nurse Who Saved Thousands Of Babies Walks In And Gets The Surprise Of Her Life. So Touching.

Nurse Renee works at the WellStar Kennestones hospital just outside Atlanta, USA. Throughout the years she has taken care of thousands of premature newborns. She has without doubt one of the most important jobs in the world, but it’s easy for heroes like Renee to be forgotten. To show deep appreciation, one company decided to highlight the amazing work people like Renee do, as shown in this heartwarming video. She’s asked to sit down in a chair and watch a video, completely unaware of what is to come. The video features numerous parents of children she’s helped in the past expressing their most heartfelt thanks for everything she’d done for them and their babies. The nurse is touched beyond imagination. The following moments however just get even more emotional and I can no longer hold back the tears. And they just keep coming. Grab your kleenex because you’ll need it.

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