This Water Container Is Making Life Easier For Thousands Of Women And Children.

While everyone in the world should have access to clean water, millions of people lack it and are forced to walk miles to get it. But now, a device called the Hippo Roller is transforming the lives of those who have to walk great distances to get water. The invention makes it easy and efficient to transport water over long distances without straining the body.

In many places, women and children are tasked with fetching water for the family. And incredibly, worldwide, women and children spend a total of 140 million hours a day collecting clean water, reports Science Nature Page on Facebook.

Traditionally, women and children carry 20-liter buckets of water on their heads. But because they can be rolled, Hippo Rollers allow as much as 90 liters of water to be transported over long distances with less effort than traditional containers.

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In September 2015, 46,000 Hippo Rollers were distributed in 20 different countries, changing lives in villages across all of them.

Ultimately, the people who received them should have access to clean water directly from the tap. But until that day comes, the Hippo Roller is a great step forward. Watch the video below to see more.

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