Two boys peer into this stranger’s car – their discovery shocks everyone

Nothing is worse for a parent than the idea that something should harm their child.

For the Rojas Rojas in the US life, that nightmare came true. Their life was turned upside down when theur 5-year-old daughter Jocelyn disappeared outside their house.

But thanks to two attentive boys, the girl, who’d been kidnapped by a stranger, was later found. 

5-year-old Jocelyn Rojas was playing in front of the family house in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, when she suddenly disappeared.

Police immediately began investigating and searching for the girl. It soon emerged that before her disappearance, an unknown man had been seen talkign to her and giving her ice cream.

But the police search yielded no results.

Two young boys, however, decided to join in the efforts in hope of finding Jocelyn.

Source: YouTube

Temar Boggs along with his friend decided to ride around the block and look around. That’s when they discovered a man behaving strangely around his car.

When the man wasn’t looking, they rode up to the car and peered through the window, 

The discovery shocked the two boys – in the car sat Jocelyn.

Source: YouTube

They managed to get her out of the car and immediately alerted the police.

Had it not been for these two attentive boys, the little girl may likely never have been found.

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